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Learning About Hydroponics: Water-Air Pumps and Reservoir Heaters

by BVV |

When it comes to hydroponics, some of the most important parts of the system are the water, air pumps and reservoir heaters. The water and air pumps play a huge role in the system. They make sure that the plants are getting the nutrients and the oxygen they need to grow and thrive. The reservoir heater is also crucial, its there to give consistent heat to the water to make sure the water doesn’t get too cold. Too cold of water on the roots will shock the plant and make the nutrient uptake hard to accomplish. It will stunt the growth of the plant as well.

Here are the functioning of the hydroponic parts for the system:

Air Pumps:

Air pumps are magnetically driven. A spinning impellor forces water to the outsides of the impellor housing through a tube. They can pump large volumes of water through filtration system in short periods of time and are usually used on larger tanks.  

Air Stones:

Air stones are connected to the air pump. The Stone will provide adequate water circulation.


Water Pumps:

Water pumps are used to move water to the surface from a reservoir tank. This adds aeration to the water. This interaction provides an opportunity for the release of carbon dioxide into the air and the absorption of oxygen into the water.

Reservoir Heater:

The reservoir heater is made from a titanium tube that has an internal heater unit. The heater unit is programmable to have a set minimum and maximum temperature. The heater will cut off once it goes above the maximum and turns on once it’s below the minimum. Used to have a consistent temperature in your reservoir.