Your Ultimate Guide To Vacuum Chambers
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Your Ultimate Guide To Vacuum Chambers

by BVV |

Best Value Vacs is your vacuum chamber headquarters. We are an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of vacuum chambers. These chambers are used to create an airtight, isolated environment for performing purging, degassing, infusion and more.

To give you an idea of all we have to offer, here’s a visual representation of our vacuum chamber options.

With our economical vacuum chambers, you’re able to to perform and test vacuum applications without having to purchase an expensive industrial vacuum chamber. Whether you’re in a laboratory, university, or industrial setting, our chambers can affect operations of all scales while remaining economical..



As a fundamental part of vacuum behavior, it’s important to monitor pressure levels on the chamber gauge to know when certain reactions occur or what pressure you need to stay at for a certain application.



The temperature of your vacuum chamber is essential to minimizing environmental risk, as some materials are temperature-sensitive and need to be activated with heat. Oppositely some applications require the material to be chilled so the material or liquid does not ‘cold boil’ while under a vacuum.



During the evacuation process, the material or liquid inside of the chamber may off the gas or ‘cold boil’ creating vapors that will travel to your vacuum pump, and may cause damage to the pump if there is not a cold trap inline between the chamber and the pump. Your vacuum pump will run smoother and more efficiently when there is less vapor residue reaching the vacuum pump.



Our Vacuum chambers are rated at 2.5Hg in 24 hours leak rate, but most of them will hold a vacuum indefinitely.



Vacuum chambers can simulate effects of high-altitude conditions, allowing for accurate altitude testing.



Measure a product’s conversion by qualifying how much or little it reacted with an opposing element and how much yield resulted from the reaction and the evacuation process.


These Are The Vessel Materials Best Value Vacs Has In Store For You: