Top Five For The Holidays from Best Value Vacs

Top Five For The Holidays from Best Value Vacs

, by Avery Benitez, 5 min reading time

The holiday season is in full swing, and the time for gift-giving is now. Best Value Vacs is full of products to win over anyone with a requisite for industrial processing equipment.

The holiday season is in full swing, and the time for gift-giving is now. Best Value Vacs is full of products to win over anyone with a requisite for industrial processing equipment. Or, maybe you’re a company looking to make the most of year-end funds. Either way, we’ve got what you need for your operation.


Out of our huge hoard of items, how does one begin to choose? Well, first, you need to know what you’re looking for. Is there a defined gap in your operation? Do you have a malfunctioning device that needs replacement? If not, then maybe it’s time to invest in upgrading your system. The holidays are an appropriate time to purchase something that will add significant value to your daily life and that you wouldn’t buy on a regular basis. It’s also a great time to stock up so you’re ready for the rest of the year and into the next.


To take some of the load off, we’ve rounded up some products that we feel will reinvent your operations. If none of these strike your fancy, you can always contact us for an expert recommendation.


2L Standard Distillation Turnkey Setup

For someone just starting out or in the market for an inclusive distillation package, our 2L Standard Distillation Turkey Setup is a terrific option. The kit comes with all the components you see below at an entry-level price point: the circular, distillation system, cold trap, vacuum manifold, vacuum gauge, and vacuum pump.



This setup is an incredible value for performing a successful distillation, particularly short path distillation. Short path distillation is a form of fractional distillation used to separate an oleoresin into its active compounds. This is a very hands-on approach to distillation that gives operators better control over the parameters and operating procedure. Short path distillation also has an extremely fast throughput compared to many other distillation techniques, such as reflux or wiped film. This system is a great gift for the person who needs a fresh and efficient start in the new year.

2LB MK-V Bi-Directional Closed Loop Extraction Kit


Due to popular demand, Best Value has grouped three essential components together: our recommended vacuum chamber, vacuum pumps, and complete extraction systems to buy in bulk at a discounted rate in the 2LB MK-V Bi-Directional Closed Loop Extraction Kit. Each part is under one-year limited, two-year standard, and one-year manufacturer’s warranties, respectively.


Closed loop extractions efficiently use solvents to extract essential oils and resin from materials. Because of this, closed loop extractions do require working knowledge of chemistry, maintaining pressure, and operating control valves. Operation in a well-ventilated environment is also vital for operator safety.

XL Mini Closed Loop Extraction Starter Kit

If you’re looking for a space saver that is still high quality, this XL Mini Closed Loop Extraction Starter Kit is a good way to get your foot in the door of sophisticated extractions. The kit contains an XL mini closed loop extractor, two gallon vacuum chamber, a 9” digital heat pad, and a 3CFM single-stage vacuum pump.

It’s a step up from the closed column extractor starter kit but can still fit on a table top. It makes it simple for operators to run personal or test-sized extractions in short periods of time while maintaining a closed loop environment. Again, for someone inching their way to a full scale operation or requiring multiple station setups, this would be a welcome gift.


1.9CF BVV Vacuum Oven

BVV Vacuum Oven _opt.jpg

Best Value Vacs vacuum ovens are some of the best in the industry. Because of the quality and reduced price, this particular 1.9CF BVV Vacuum Oven is an incredible value. Among the features of our ovens are:

  • The guaranteed industry standards’ ability to lose less than 1” Hg over a 24 hour period.

  • Reliable deep vacuum that reaches below 0.1 torr. with stainless steel compression-fit tubing and stainless steel instrumentation valves.

  • Uniform heat that is essential to a successful vacuum oven.

  • Seven percent temperature uniformity across all shelves, with ±1⁰ stability in temperature.

  • Touchscreen technology for optimal pressure and temperature control.

  • The maximum number of shelves and a well-lit LED interior.

  • All these included components: KF-25 clamp, adapter, and gasket; 5' 37⁰ female flared HVAC hose; USA power cord; and oven operation manual.

BVV Open Vacuum Oven _opt.jpg

This is a practical addition to any lab space for its versatility. Nearly every industry, particularly manufacturing and assembly, needs the dehydrating power and precision of a vacuum oven. A conventional oven does not allow the same level of control over heat and temperature. If you know someone who’s currently using a lower-tier model or another mode of drying, they would benefit immensely from a Best Value Vacs vacuum oven.

Master Vapor Pumps MVP-6CFM Vapor Recovery Pump

This Explosion-Proof Vapor Recovery Pump is designed for hydrocarbon extraction processing. The Dual-Diaphragm pump is electrically powered by an explosion-proof motor. It is built with stainless steel wetted parts and has a max allowable working pressure of 350 PSI. These pumps are made to recover gases and keep them from venting.

Each unit is certified and made in the USA. This pump is one of the few on the market that are certified to withstand pressures legitimate state-certified labs. It is a ready-to-use, viable option for large scale operations looking to optimize workplace safety and reduce overall costs.

Explosion Proof_opt.jpg


Need help adding to your holiday wish list? Contact our expert team! We’ll direct you to more products that will satisfy your functional needs.


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