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    Ice Water Extraction Kit

    BVV's Ice Water Extraction Kit Designed with our solventless extractors in mind BVV's Ice Water Extraction Kit was engineered for durability and ease of use. Comprised of our sanitary grade seamless 55-gallon 304 stainless steel washing vessels. Our easy drain barrels come complete with  4X 1.5" Triclamp drains mounted as low as possible for effortless draining of its 55-gallon volume capacity. Perfect for medium to large-scale ice water extraction labs this kit comes complete with industry-leading Boldtbags Lock-top Full mesh stacker grading bags and a 20lb capacity Large BoldtBags Open Top Washing Bag for unbridled durability and ease of use. The ice Water Extraction Kit comes with your choice of either a low shear Multi-stage pump ideal for gravity draining or a hash-safe pneumatically driven diaphragm pump.  Processing Power Material Capacity Per Batch: 20-30LB Water Capacity: 55 Gallons Cycle Time: 60-90 Minutes Daily Extraction Capacity: Up to 60 lb, per 8-hour shift Specifications 2X 23"x36" 55-gallon Stainless Steel Washing Vessel 4X 1.5" Tri-clamp ports 4X BoldtBags Lock-top Full mesh stacker grading bags (190um(Green),160um(Red),90um(Black),45um(White)) 1X Large Boltd Open Top Wash Bag (20lb Capacity) 1X Food grade PTFE mixing paddle  1X 27 GPM Low shear Multistage pump or 16 GPM hash-safe pneumatically driven diaphragm pump.  1X 25Ft 1" Clear Braided PVC Hose  1X 1.5" Tri-clamp Thermometer (0-220F/0-100C) 4X Polycarbonate Sight glasses 2X 1.5" Tri-Clamp Butterfly valves with 1" barbed fittings Performance Seamless sanitary construction Low-mounted drain ports for complete draining Tri-Clamp Thermometer for water temperature measurement Polycarbonate sight glasses for visual monitoring of the process Open Top Wash Bag for easy loading & unloading Low-shear force Multistage pump for gentle water transfer or a hash safe pneumatically driven diaphragm pump

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  • Sale -23% Dry Ice Mini Shaker BVV

    Mini Dry Ice Shaker

    Miniature Dry Ice Shaker Miniature Dry Ice Shaker for creating a faster and cleaner extract. This is a fully sealed extraction system that only requires Dry Ice to Operate. It features a removable collection cap and interchangeable filter screens.   This kit includes the following filter screens: 2x -- 100 Micron Screens 2x -- 120 Micron Screens 2x -- 160 Micron Screens 2x -- 190 Micron Screens


  • Dry Sift Extractor New Products BVV

    Dry Sift Extractor

    Dry Sift Extractor Transform your sifting process with the BVV Dry Sift Extractor, a revolutionary solution that streamlines the creation of high-quality sift in a fraction of the time no ice, water, or freeze dryer required. Say goodbye to the risk of mold contamination associated with traditional ice-water extractions, along with the added costs of water and ice. Opt for efficiency and speed with our Dry Sift Extractor. Designed with precision, our purpose-built Dry Sift Extractor is equipped with five mesh screens, enabling you to sort and refine your dry sift effortlessly. The inclusion of 160-micron, 120-micron, 90-micron, and 45-micron mesh screens allowing you the capability to perform static tec ensures that BVV's Dry Sift Extractor is specifically tailored to produce top-tier sift with unparalleled quality. Elevate your sifting experience and leave traditional methods behind with this innovative solution. Key Features:Optimized Sifting: designed for superior sifting performance. Its precise vibrations ensure a consistent and thorough separation of trichomes from plant material, resulting in high-quality dry sift.Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of continuous use, this sifter boasts a robust and durable construction. The quality materials ensure longevity, making it a reliable companion for your sift-making endeavors.User-Friendly Operation : With its intuitively designed controls and quick-release clamps, operating the sifter is a seamless experience. The user-friendly features make dry sift extraction effortless and efficient.Optimized Mesh Sizes: Complete with 160.120,90, & 45 micron screens 600mm Diameter: The generous 600mm diameter provides ample space for sifting, allowing you to process larger quantities of material efficiently. This makes the sifter ideal for commercial operations or enthusiasts seeking batch production capabilities.  Specifications 600MM Diameter Screens 160,120,90,45 Micron Mesh screens 220V/1P/60Hz Footprint (DXH): 28"x41"  Weight: 200lbs (312lbs Crated)  



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