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  • Sale -16% Active Air - Carbon Filter

    Active Air - Carbon Filter

    Active Air Carbon Filters are loaded with virgin activated Australian granular carbon. This carbon adsorbs VOC's (volatile organic compounds) therefore trapping every odor molecule that passes through the filter onto the micro-porous carbon surface. These filters are light weight and incredibly effective at removing the most potent and dankest odors. Each filter is machine packed and includes a pre-filter.  Attached flange 1.8" carbon bed depth Powder coated aluminum tops & bases Life expectancy up to two years, depending on environmental factors.


  • Sale -21% Active Air Inline Carbon Filter

    Active Air Inline Carbon Filter

    The next advancement in carbon air filtration is here! Active Air Inline Carbon Filters are installed inline for maximum versatility in filter and fan placement. The carbon filter is no longer limited to being located inside the grow room!  Most carbon filters are designed to be "terminal"——they are closed at one end and must be at the end of the ducting line. Active Air Inline Filters can be located wherever you want them to be, because they do not pull air through a mesh on the filter's body——the filtration occurs within the interior of the filter body, which is solid on the exterior. Active Air Inline Carbon Filters are perfect for grow tents, cabinets, small spaces and other applications where the option to not have the filter in the room is desired due to space restrictions. They can be located outside the grow room and a run of ducting can be extended from them into the room to extract the air and filter it. These versatile filters allow the option to locate the fan outside of the room as well, if desired. These filters also feature superior two-stage air filtration design: air is filtered once as it enters the filter, and then again as it exits.  Two-stage filtration design Carbon bed depth of 1" Dual airflow direction 750 CFM 8" flange


  • Sale -3% Active Air Pre-Filter for ACCF144, 4" x 14" Active Air

    Active Air Pre-Filter

    Extend the effective life of your Active Air carbon filter with a corresponding Active Air pre-filter. These pre-filters block larger particulate matter such as dust and dirt from clogging the working surface of your filter. This keeps your carbon filter operating at top efficiency for much longer. When the pre-filter becomes visibly dirty and discolored after several weeks, simply replace it. Check our large collection and find the size that matches your carbon filter. Active Air pre-filters are individually shrink-wrapped with UPC code for easy display and sale. Stock up on pre-filters to ensure you've always got the cleanest, most efficient Active Air filter in your grow room.


  • Sale -1% Atmosphere - Pro-Lite Filter Hydroponic Center Atmosphere 4" X 12"

    Atmosphere - Pro-Lite Filter

    Manufactured with only the finest RC-48 Australian activated carbon, the Pro-Lite filters effectively remove 99.5% of volatile organic compounds. The PreFilter eliminates bigger particles such as dust to prevent premature usage of the carbon. Rated for a continuous worry-free operation, light weight and its compact dimensions, make the Pro-Lite filters ideal for your air filtration needs. Integrated flange Aluminum top and bottom Lightweight


  • Sale -7% Atmosphere Pre-Filter for Pro-Lite Filter Hydroponic Center Atmosphere Pre-Filter for Pro-Lite Filter 4 x 12

    Atmosphere Pre-Filter for Pro-Lite Filter

    The Pre-Filter eliminates bigger particles such as dust to prevent premature usage of the carbon.


  • Sale -12% Phat - HEPA Intake Filter Hydroponic Center Phat 4"

    Phat - HEPA Intake Filter

    The tightly woven synthetic HEPA fibers in this filter will help prevent mold, bacteria, pollen, insects and plant pests from entering your growroom or greenhouse. The HEPA fibers block out most airborne particles down to .3 microns in diameter. That is 300 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. This is a serious insurance filter, without it you are leaving your grow room susceptible to the elements. The filter is also washable for extended efficiency. 


  • Sale -3% Phat Pre-Filter, 4" x 12" Phat

    Phat Pre-Filter

    Phat Filter replacement pre-filter replaces your used pre-filter to give your Phat filter longer life by filtering out larger impurities before they have a chance to enter into the actual filter. Each pre-filter is stamped with the Phat Filter logo and fits snugly over your Phat filter. The pre-filter is available in all Phat Filter sizes and can be easily slid over the filter and secured with the plastic straps provided. If your pre-filter is dirty or discolored, it's time to change it. Contents: 1 pre-filter & 2 plastic straps.

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