ULVAC Oil Diffusion Ejector Vacuum Pump PBL Series
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Manufacturer: ULVAC

ULVAC Oil Diffusion Ejector Vacuum Pump PBL Series

SKU: 210004118800

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ULVAC Oil Diffusion Ejector Vacuum Pump PBL Series

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ULVAC's oil diffusion ejector pumps are generally used in industrial processes to provide high pumping speed. They are particularly well-suited for use in metallurgy, plastic coating and chemical manufacturing, where large quantities of gas have to be pumped away as quickly as possible.



  • These pumps have maximum pumping speed at 10-1 Pa level.
  • Stainless steel is used for the pump bodies of Model PBL-02 and PBL-04 in order to minimize outgassing of the pumps, eliminate corrosion and to ensure a long operating lifetime of the pump.
  • The PBL Series are particularly well-suited for the use as an intermediate pump between an oil rotary pump, a mechanical booster pump and oil diffusion pump.
  • The larger capacity pumps (PBL-06 - PBL-20) have the heaters directly immersed in the operating fluid for maximum thermal efficiency.


The oil diffusion ejector pump consists of a pump body, heater and 3-stage jet stack assembly. The working fluid is heated in the boiler, vaporized and ejected out of each stage of the jet stack at high speed. Gas molecules on the high vacuum (inlet) side of the pump are captured in the jet vapor stream and are transported from the upper to the lower jet stages which compresses them in the process. These pumped gasses are then exhausted through the outlet port to the backing pump. The vapor stream from the jet stack is cooled and condensed on the inner walls of pump housing and returned to the boiler.



Model PBL-02 PBL-04 PBL-06 PBL-10 PBL-14 PBL-20
Pumping speed(L/sec) 80 200 500 1800 4000 7000
Ultimate pressure(Pa)*1 2.7 x 10–2
Maximum forepressure(Pa) 40
Heating up time(min) 20 30 30 40 50 60
Oil capacity(L) 0.1 0.6 7.5 18 36 90
Cooling water temperature(℃) 19~25℃
Water connections Rc 1/8×1 Rc 1/4×1 Rc 3/8×2 Rc 1/2×2 Rc 1/2×3 Rc 1/2×3
Rc 3/8 x 1
Water capacity(L/min) 1.5 5 8 12 18 25
Voltage 200V / 1φ 200V / 3φ
Pump power(kW 0.44 1.8 4
Heater type cartridge Heater plate Pipe heater 2kW x 2 Pipe heater 2kW x 2 Pipe heater 2kW x 2 Pipe heater 2kW x 2
Standard backing pump*2 VD201/VD30C
(PMB600D + VS1501)
PMB1200D +VS1501
PMB2400D + PSK-070
Dimensions(mm)*3 A 100 150 200 300 340 510
B 70 112 152 346 548 422
H 463 524 973 1321 1687 2320
Inlet VG50 VG100 VG150 VG250 VG350 VG500
Outlet 3/4B hose fittings VG40 VG50 VG80 VG100 VG200
Weight(kg) 6 17 86 198 313 495
Oil level gage without without dip stick dip stick dip stick dip stick
Themal switch option without without without without without without
Themal switch operating
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ULVAC Oil Diffusion Ejector Vacuum Pump PBL Series