1LB TDX Closed Loop Extractor


1LB TDX Closed Loop Extractor

The True Dewax eXtractor (TDX) series of Closed Loop Extractors was designed to optimize the combined efficiency of a room-temperature quick wash extraction with the reduced wax content of a traditional dewax precipitation to produce a high-yielding extraction with exceptionally low fat, wax, and lipid content. This efficient combination has resulted in our most compact 1-pound extractor to date! 

The 1LB TDX Closed Loop Extractor accomplishes its small but mighty form factor through its combination material/dewaxing column which utilizes a 6"x6" 1-pound material column optimized for a quick wash room-temperature extraction combined with a 6"x12" sleeved dewaxing column designed for efficient dry ice usage during the precipitation of fats & waxes. 

The material/dewaxing column of the TDX line of Closed Loop Extractors comes standard with 2X 1.5" Borosilicate Sight glasses3X Full Bore Ball Valves1X 125PSI ASME Pressure relief valve, and 1X 1/4" JIC Butterfly Valve standard, along with a solvent dispersal plate above the quick wash material column to ensure an even distribution of solvent, paired with a 6" Short Sight Glass below the material column for visual monitoring of the extraction process.

Beyond its optimized extraction features the TDX series of Closed Loop Extractors comes equipped with a 5-micron Dutch Weave Sintered Disk below the material column and a 1-micron Dutch Weave Sintered Disk below the Dewaxing column providing a staged filtration optimized for lipid exclusion and capable of utilizing adsorbents packed below the biomass material for increased purity.

After the initial extraction and dewaxing procedure, the solution is then drained into the stand-alone 6"x12" collection base sized for a 5:1 butane to biomass ratio, complete with 2X 1.5" Borosilicate Sight glasses, 2X Full Bore Ball Valves, 1X 125PSI ASME Pressure relief valve1X 1/4" JIC Butterfly Valve, and a splatter platter base standard for easy extract harvesting.

The 1LB TDX Closed Loop Extractor is available in 3 distinct models to suit your preference. The Explorer (V1) version of the 1LB TDX is your standard base model perfect for entry-level enthusiasts utilizing hot water bath solvent recovery methods complete with a standard non-jacketed splatter platter in conjunction with a 6L (6LB Butane capacity) DOT-Approved carbon steel recovery tank set up to recover solvent through 1/4" JIC lines.

The Professional (V2) model Is the next step up with an upgraded stainless steel recovery tank complete with 1/2" JIC Recovery lines to improve passive recovery rates while utilizing a hot water bath solvent recovery method.

The Elite (V3) model is the top-of-the-line model of the TDX series which includes the same upgraded Stainless Steel Recovery tank and 1/2" JIC recovery lines found within the Professional model but also includes a Jacketed Splatter Platter for use with a heated circulator for optimized solvent recovery. *Heated Circulator not included*

Explorer: 6" Splatter Platter, 1/4" JIC recovery lines, Carbon steel Recovery tank
Professional: 6" Splatter Platter, 1/2" JIC Recovery Lines, Stainless Steel Recovery Tank
Elite: 6" Jacketed Splatter Platter, 1/2" JIC Recovery Lines, Stainless Steel Recovery Tank


  • 6"x6" 1LB Material Column
  • 6"x12" Sleeved Dewaxing Column
  • 1-5um Sintered disk filtration
  • 6"x12" Collection Column 
  • 4X 1.5" Certified Borosilicate Sight Glasses
  • 2X 125 PSI ASME Safety Valves
  • 2-3X -30hg-2650PSI Compound Pressure Gauges
  • 1/4"-1/2" Full Bore Recovery Lines
  • 1/4" JIC Process Flow lines 
  • 6"x12" Sleeved Dewaxing Column for True Dewaxing Capability
  • 6"x6" 1LB Material column optimized for quick wash extraction methods.
  • Material column solvent dispersal plate for even biomass saturation
  • 1-5um Dutch weave sintered disks for fine wax & lipid removal and adsorbent filtration compatibility 
  • A Splatter Platter base for easy extract harvesting
  • 1/2" JIC Recovery options for unrestricted solvent recovery available  on Professional & Elite models

    A True Dewax procedure ranging from 1-3 hours is capable of producing a low lipid content extract resulting in exceptional clarity and viscosity.

    ***Note: This system is most effectively utilized with a nitrogen assist to provide solvent movement throughout the system when the pressure of the solvent is reduced during the dewaxing procedure *** 

    ***Note: Solvent not included with systems unless ordered separately. Any order with butane WILL NOT SHIP EXPEDITED.***

    ***DISCLAIMER: This unit is intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances. Use only in extremely well-ventilated areas. Check with your local fire marshal for guidance when operating indoors.

1LB TDX Closed Loop Extractor

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