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Manufacturer: MZ12X

MZ12X Organic Solvent

SKU: MZ12X-1

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    • This unit is intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances. Use only in WELL VENTILATED AREAS!
    • California now prohibits the retail sale of any butane in quantities larger than 150ml. If you are not a retail purchaser they can call in to place an order.
      • Permitted Sales Include the Following:
        • Medical Collectives or Cooperatives operating under CA Health & Safety Code Section 11362.775
        • Persons licensed to perform volatile solvent extraction activity under CA Bus & Prof Code Division 10
        • Manufacturers, wholesalers, resellers, or retailers solely for the purpose of resale

Organic MZ12X is biodegradable, safe for the environment, harmless to humans, animals, or plants. MZ12X will leave a residue-free, color free, odor free and heavy metal free and absolutely non-toxic.

Mz12x is a butane alternative for oil makers to make extract.

Organic MZ12X, is chemically formulated from organic gas that is produced by nature itself. It is still FLAMMABLE, but its flash/explosion point is much higher than that of a petroleum based solvent. Additionally, it has a fully vanishing CEP; “Complete Evaporating Point” (-23C) and contains NO heavy metals.

Material Compatibility Disclaimer: MZ12X is NOT compatible with Polycarbonate sight glasses. BVV™ ONLY recommends usage with METAGLAS sight glasses or Borosilicate Tri-Clamp Sight Glasses with PTFE Envelope Gaskets.

Key Features:
  • Zero Heavy Metals
  • Zero Residuals
  • Full Spectrum Extraction
  • True Plant Terpenes & Flavanoids Extracted and Preserved
  • 5 Hour Start to Finish Process / @ 26°C/85°F (During Purge)
  • Wide Range of uses: Fruits - Botanicals

Testing and Recommendations:

  • Recovery Rate of 95.25% on 967ml of MZ12X
  • Passive Recovery without a condensing coil was appx. 90 minutes for 967ml of MZ12X or 10.75ml per minute.
  • Please note it is very important to not use too much MZ12X. We recommending 1 can (520ml) of MZ12X for every 35 grams of material.
    52ml of MZ12X solvent = 293 grams, so 293 grams for every 35 grams of material.

 Solvent Temp (Degrees F)  Internal Extractor Pressure
89.5  105
 77.5  86
 74.5  72
 66  66
 62.5  60

Cylinder Volume

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Weight of Water = 0.0360 (lbs / in3)
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Account for an 80% fill to avoid a hydraulic lock 

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Packing Density (g) 2.5 3 3.5 4.3
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