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CPS TRS21 Active Closed Loop Recirculation/Recovery Upgrade Kit (Anti-Spark/Explosion Pump)

MFR: CPS Products

SKU: AUK-CPS 90 Day Limited Warranty

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CPS TRS21 Active Closed Loop Recirculation/Recovery Upgrade Kit (Anti-Spark/Explosion Pump)

Ready to take your capabilities to the next level? Look no further than this Upgrade Kit. Starting with any of our passive systems, this kit will allow you to transform it into an “Active” Closed Loop System. Once you’ve done so, your new system’s recirculation will allow for faster solvent processing and a greater yield.

This kit includes every part required to set up the plumbing for an active system. You’ll also receive a diagram to aid in the setup process, as well as some simple operating instructions to help you release and recapture your solvent. With your new system, you can implement a recirculating shower of solvent over your extracted material.

Providing safe products to our customers is our top priority. The TRS21 is an Anti-Spark/Explosion pump engineered precisely for R-600, and its Ignition-Proof Construction meets ANSI/ISA 12:12.1

Key Features:

    • CPS TRS-21 R-600 Recovery Pump, 2 Cylinder Oil-Less

    • CPS HVAC Manifold

    • 032 micron Filter Dryer

    • Vacuum Pump Tap (Tee) + Valve

    • 3 Braided Stainless Steel Hoses (60" Length)

    • 3 Braided Stainless Steel Hoses (48" Length)

    • 1 Filter Dryer Union

    • 1 MT69 Pro Set


    • • Recovery Rates: Vapor- 2.5 lb/min, Liquid-12 lb/min

    • • Ignition-Proof Construction ANSI/ISA 12:12.1

    • • Power : 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 10 Amps, 850 watts

    • • Filtration: Internal 100 mesh Screen integrated into Suction Port

    • • Compressor Seals will require a rebuild after 200-240 hours of use

    • • Rebuild Kit: coming soon(rebuild time 20 mins)

    • • Weight : 24 LBS