Candy Drying Kit - ECO Vacuum Oven and BVV4D Kit
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Candy Drying Kit - ECO Vacuum Oven and BVV4D Kit Shop All Categories BVV 0.9 No
Candy Drying Kit - ECO Vacuum Oven and BVV4D Kit Shop All Categories BVV 1.9 No

Manufacturer: BVV

Candy Drying Kit - ECO Vacuum Oven and BVV4D Kit


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Candy Making Kit - Vacuum Oven and BVV4D Kit



Our vacuum ovens are purpose-built to perform degassing, in this case we are working with candy! The oven comes with shelves just waiting to be filled with a variety of colorful sugary treats. This kit has everything that you need to get up and running right away including:

  • ECO Vacuum oven
  • Vacuum pump
  • 2x Drying filters
  • Pump exhaust filter
  • Hoses
  • Vacuum pump oil

For wetter material you can include the optional cold trap add on. This will also allow the oven to be used as a vacuum dehydrator without sending all that moisture to your vacuum pump. 1 gallon of vacuum pump oil is also included, it is recommended to change the oil when the color starts to get noticeably darker in the pump. For best vacuum results you can always opt for some of our premium Mobil Vacuum Pump Oil. This oil has a longer usable life and does not generate any additional vapor or odor, which will be sure to help your vacuum pump exhaust filter live longer too! With normal use of just air and water vapor the upgraded vacuum pump exhaust filter included in the kit can last well over 1 year.

How does the oven work? Using the technique of cold boiling, the oven applies a gentle heat under reduced pressure (vacuum) conditions to expedite degassing while simultaneously preserving color, aroma, and overall quality. We've applied our extensive vacuum expertise and industry experience to produce a series of ovens designed exactly for your needs: low consumption, high-throughput, and reliable operation.

For candy, you can expect run times as short as an hour for smaller candies such as skittles and up to 12 hours for thicker, denser material such as gummies. This can change based on temperature, it may take a little experimentation! Most candies will be somewhere between 100-150°F to get a good result.

The oven shelves are made of aluminum and we recommend using some kind of shelf cover such as silicone pads or a PTFE sheet that can be cut to size.

 NOTE: Appearance of pump exhaust filter may vary


At BVV™, we make every effort to provide oven performance capabilities in a standardized format. We're not interested in juking our stats to make a sale. Instead, our goal is to provide quality, transparent production capabilities that meet the demands of our professional customers.

  • Temperature Stability: +/- 1.8F or 1C
  • Temperature Range: Room Temp+18°F to 212°F
  • Heat-Up Time: 45 minutes to preheat. Optimal saturation reached in 120 minutes, over 30 minutes faster than competitors.
  • Ultimate Vacuum: <500 µmHg / mTorr / micron
  • Time to Vacuum: 4 minutes to 29"Hg.
  • Vacuum Hold: guaranteed to lose less than 1"Hg (25.4 torr) in 24 hours.



Voltage 120V 120V
Frequency 60HZ 60HZ
Power 800W 700W
Current 12A 10A
Plug IEC C13 (unit ships with detachable NEMA 5-15p cable) IEC C13 (unit ships with detachable NEMA 5-15p cable)
Internal Chamber Heating 4 Wall Heating (left, right, top, bottom) 4 Wall Heating (left, right, top, bottom)
Temperature Range RT+18°-212°F RT+18°-212°F
Chamber Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Dimensions (LxWxH) 14.25" x 16.5" x 13.75" 12.75" x 12.625" x 11.625"
Vacuum Gauge Style Analog
Range (units) -30 to 0 (inHg) / -1 to 0 (bar) -30 to 0 (inHg) / -1 to 0 (bar)

Ships With 5 Slide-in Shelves 4 Slide-in Shelves
Shelf Dimensions (LxW) 13" x 15" 11.5" x 11.25"
Shelf Capacity 195 in2 129 in2
Total Shelf Capacity 1035in2 / 7.2ft2 1035 in2 / 7.2 ft2

Seal Silicone on Tempered Glass Silicone on Tempered Glass
Window Dimensions (LxH)  11.75" x 11" 11.75" x 11"
Lights 4 strips of LEDs provide clear, bright view of interior 4 strips of LEDs provide clear, bright view of interior
Handle Locking Handle Locking Handle
Exterior Dimensions (LxWxH) 28" x 22" x 18" 24.5" x 22" x 21"
Weight 205 lbs 115 lbs
Support 4 leg support
4 leg support
Safety Electrical Built-in, resettable, overcurrent circuit breaker Built-in, resettable, overcurrent circuit breaker
Thermal Automatic overtemperature shutoff Automatic overtemperature shutoff

CE CE Listing Recognized CE Listing Recognized
ISO ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2008
Connection Vacuum Inlet 1/4" JIC
1/4" JIC
Purge Inlet N/A
Atmospheric Release Quick-release dial Quick-release dial

Ships With Vacuum hose Vacuum hose
User Manual Included Included
Warranty 2 year oven warranty 2 year oven warranty
Vacuum Pump BVV™ V4D 4CFM Two Stage Vacuum Pump BVV™ V4D 4CFM Two Stage Vacuum Pump


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