C1D1 Labs Fire Rated Extraction Booths
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C1D1 Fire Rated Extraction Booths Shop All Categories C1D1 Labs 10’W x 10’L x 9’T Not Fire Rated
C1D1 Fire Rated Extraction Booths Shop All Categories C1D1 Labs
C1D1 Fire Rated Extraction Booths Shop All Categories C1D1 Labs
C1D1 Fire Rated Extraction Booths Shop All Categories C1D1 Labs
C1D1 Fire Rated Extraction Booths Shop All Categories C1D1 Labs
C1D1 Fire Rated Extraction Booths Shop All Categories C1D1 Labs

Manufacturer: C1D1 Labs

C1D1 Labs Fire Rated Extraction Booths

SKU: EB10910

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C1D1 Fire Rated Extraction Booths


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For the first time, C1D1 Labs will now be selling C1D1 / C1D2 Fire Rated Extraction Booths. We get asked often if having fire rated walls on your extraction booth is necessary and the answer is usually no, unless your local municipality requires this rating. Your standard extraction booth, as long as it is built three feet from any other operation or wall, can be 18 gauge sheet metal.


However! Fire rated extraction booths may be your solution to increasing your solvent limits without expensive engineering, labor and materials. Control areas are built when the building area exceeds the maximum allowed quantities of solvent (MAQ). Your MAQs are defined by the building type and a couple characteristics such as fire suppression and solvent storage, for example. A control area is designed to multiply your maximum allowed solvents by separating a chosen area from the rest of the building with fire walls. This separation actually allows you to have multiple ares inside your building that reach the MAQ. A F-1 occupancy building (standard manufacturing building) can have (4) control areas on the first floor of the building, each with it's own separate maximum allowed quantities of solvent.Therefore, you could potentially have (4) areas with 480 gallons of ethanol, in a F1 occupancy building without having to build any additional fire walls. This is a huge advancement in the extraction booth tech and is patented by C1D1 Labs LLC!


C1D1 / C1D2 Fire Rated

C1D1 Labs LLC's 1 hour fire rated extraction booths are a dream for architects, engineers, and lab owners. Not only are they extremely easy to place into designs, they increase the potential of production of a facility, increasing the value of the building. By adding more control areas to your building, you allow more solvent inside your laboratory. Therefore allowing you to produce more. Best of all, they don't require an additional enclosure around the booth. All of our fire rated extraction booths are peer reviewed 1 hour fire rated. Saving you space in the facility, again maximizing potential, and allowing easy approval when submitting to your local municipality. Please see the prices of our fire rated booths below:



  • Engineer Peer Review
  • Modular 18-gauge stainless steel panels
  • Front door: 3’W x 7’8” T, 90-minute fire rating steel construction.
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4-hour fire rating available.
  • Class 1 Division 1 LED light fixtures with 7,000 lumens each.
  • Gas detection: Explosion-proof intake and exhaust fans- programmed to purge
    when LEL is reached.
  • Explosion proof (M2A), connects to alarms.
  • HZEX Class 1 Division 1 emergency exit light.
  • UL listed control panel box, weatherproof for outdoor units.



  • Power requirements: Single phase,
  • 208/ 240, 35 amps


C1D1's Extraction Lab Build Out Process Flow: View Here