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Meeting the Standard: How We Built the BVV 2-and-4CYL for Safety

Jan 13, 2022 BVV Team

At BVV, we believe that safety is paramount to a successful botanical extraction business. In a previous article, we wrote about the basics of Current Good Manufacturing Processes and following Standard Operating Procedures and their importance in manufacturing safe, pure, and consistent end-products. We’ve also shared Best Practices for a Safe Processing Lab. With this article, we explain how we designed the BVV Butane Recovery Pumps to adhere to safety standards.

The Basics of Manufacturing Processes

Sep 15, 2021 BVV Team

In this article, we will define some of the more important principles of manufacturing a product to maintain a level of repeatability and traceability based on Current Good Manufacturing Practices. 

What Are Terpenes?

Sep 07, 2021 Adam Ehlers

Terpenes are a group of naturally occurring volatile compounds that are produced by animals and plants alike. While terpenes may be a topic you may be unfamiliar with–surprise!–they are all around you.

Ice Water vs. Hydrocarbon Extraction

Aug 16, 2021 BVV Team

In today's hemp processing market, current hemp processing methodologies can typically be divided into two distinct categories: solvent-based extraction methods and solventless-based extraction methods. In this article, we will compare both to better understand their benefits and drawbacks.

Filtration Made Easy with Ashless Filter Paper

Aug 03, 2021 BVV Team

BVV offers a wide range of filtration aid with a variety of particle retention suited to your needs. In this blog, we explain the uses and benefits of Ashless Filter Papers.

Powerful Powders on BVV™

Jul 13, 2021 BVV Team

In a competitive industry, nothing is more important than refining the quality and safety of your final product for the consumer. We at BVV™ have expanded our line of high-quality and FDA-GRAS* post-processing powders to help you get the end product that you want.

Welcome to BVV Labs 2020

Sep 17, 2020 BVV Team

The BVV team is excited to announce the addition of a state-of-the-art research, development, and educational lab which will open towards the end of October, 2020. The 2,000 square-foot lab will be used to bench test equipment, as a classroom for educational courses for customers, and to process BVV hemp-derived products. The BVV team is striving to improve product quality and refine processes through data collection and analytics so we can better support our customers. The new lab will equip the team with the tools to do just this. In addition to improving products, the lab will be used as a space to educate and inform customers on products and best practices. Below is some of the equipment that will furnish the lab

The Differences Between Chinese and USA-Made Glass

Jan 14, 2020 Adam Ehlers

There are a lot of options for consumers looking to purchase laboratory glassware, and for certain products, you must look more closely than others. One of the most frequently asked questions is about the origin of the glass part in question, is it USA-made or imported?